Settlement, Investment & Realty of the Arietis

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History / Lore

Foreword / About SIRA

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Formally registered with the Pilots Federation as SIRA Interstellar in October 3302, our peculiar group mostly consists of well-equipped and experienced individuals of various creeds who have joined forces under the vision of life without oppressive superpowers and impotent bureaucracies. Our members share an unorthodox methodology in achieving their goals—such as the reallocation of commodities from unsuspecting traders and issuing involuntary existence suspension on opposing actors—and a cult-like devotion to "The Vision".

Our heritage is loosely traced to the pre-space era of humanity, although certain traditions have evolved dramatically over the years. Us modern "representatives" are merely stragglers of the Pilots Federation searching for freedom and purpose, while guided by a common vision. Some rumours say that we're one of the more unsavoury groups in the galaxy, a claim we do not deny. There is a certain pride involved in being associated with us from the perspective of others. We lack consistency in our membership, being composed of deep space cartographers, cyberwarfare experts, entrepreneurs, trade tycoons, feared bounty hunters, and cut-throat mercenaries... among others. Salvaged black-box footage from attacked civilian wreckage, along with survivor testimonies, have provided evidence to the galactic community that we may also harbor dangerous pirates and terrorists among our ranks. You have been warned.

SIRA Incorporated (SIRA Inc) was founded in the LP 355-65 system at an unspecified date between November 3302 and January 3303; the exact date is unknown due to inconsistencies in the application process. It was originally to be founded in the 51 Arietis system, however, this did not pan out. Little is known about the documented founder "Cathal O’Duffy", aside from documentation and accounts that show him to be a veteran of many conflicts and a fervent anti-communist. His very existence was met with skepticism by local authorities who nonetheless struggled to disprove it. The corporation was created to deal primarily with the financial industry, but has since expanded its portfolio to become quite diversified; including operations in the industrial and refining sectors, as well as private security and paramilitary, and various other investments.

A concentrated effort by our pilots in May 3303—dubbed Operation Persistent Vision—allowed the corporation to take control of the system's main station, Barba Ring, from its previous owners, the LP 355-65 Transport Group, in a "peaceful" election. The group lodged many complaints against SIRA Inc, claiming that the upstart corporation funded pirates to attack civilian vessels to cause chaos within their controlled area with the intent of turning voters away. SIRA officials deny these allegations and will provide no further comments on the subject. The station has been considered our headquarters ever since.

While staunchly independent from the bureaucracies that plague the bubble, we have developed a symbiotic relationship with Li Yong-Rui (LYR) and his representative pilots under SiriusGov. Our pilots routinely propagate LYR's interest in the systems surrounding LP 355-65—in order to exploit module and ship discounts obtained through extensive back-door brokering with the mega-corporation—and can sometimes be spotted in Lembava. We have also developed a co-operative relationship with Iridium Wing, based a mere seven light years away in the Ki system. A formal treaty was ratified in May 3303 to encourage faction growth in opposite directions from one another.